Parish Clean-Up

Participate in scheduled clean-up activities of the parish grounds and buildings.


Operate the bush hog, riding lawn mowers, and tractor.
Commitment: Once a week for a month during mowing season.
Contact: Tom Lubbers (883-4001)

Weed-Eating and Edging

Edge along sidewalks and driveways and weed-eat around the parish buildings and headstones in the cemetery.

Water Bushes and Flowers

Ensure the flower beds and bushes throughout the parish grounds are watered on a regular basis.

Maintain Sprinkler System

Check the operation of the sprinkler system frequently and repair leaks and damaged spray heads as Needed.

Maintain Grotto and Flower Beds

Description: Ensure the grotto and flower beds around the Parish Life Center and rectory are watered and weeded.
Commitment: Spring planting and weeding as needed.
Questions and to sign-up: Mary Kay Raple @ 796-1701.

Weed and Bug Spraying

Spray the parish grounds and trees for weeds and bugs by using the parish’s spray tank.

Cemetery Flower Removal

Description: Remove dead flowers from the graves and ensure the cemetery is kept free of loose trash.

Commitment: Once a week for a month.

Questions and to sign-up: Nicole Jindra @ 729-2498.

Cemetery New Grave Maintenance

Description: Operate the tractor and scoop in keeping the dirt on new graves level and smooth.

Commitment: As needed.

Questions and to sign-up: Phil Weber @ 794-2709.

Ice and Snow Removal

Description: Provide a tractor and scoop for snow removal, OR shovel the walkways and steps OR sprinkle ice melt.
Commitment: As needed depending on weather.
Questions and to sign-up: Ray Mies @ 796-1909.

Maintain Mowing Equipment

Description: Ensure the parish's mowing equipment is kept in good working order including sharpening blades, changing the oil and filters and maintaining an inventory of parts, oil and filters.

Commitment: Annual maintenance as needed.

Questions and to sign-up: Loren Clupny @ 796-1914.